How to Clean Black Stainless Steel

Why do people love black stainless steel kitchens? One reason is they do such a great job holding up against time. Scratches and finger-prints are harder to see on black stainless appliances which has been credited to their jump in success. 

Even though these appliances call for less maintenance, they still require routine cleaning as they collect grime and leftover food residue like all other appliances. One of the most common mistakes when maintaining black stainless steel appliances is using the wrong cleaning products. This can ultimately ruin your appliance, and in some cases void the warranty. This week we’ll be teaching you the best ways in which to clean black stainless steel appliances!

Black stainless steel is oftentimes incorrectly cleaned, because it’s cleaned like traditional stainless steel. This can cause you to scratch your appliance, or even remove some of the PVD finish. 

We always recommend using warm soapy water with a mild dish soap and a soft cloth to begin with. This method is proven to be the best way to remove smudges and fingerprints. If you’d like, you can also add a small amount of baking soda to the mixture to get rid of any stubborn grime.

If you decide against warm soapy water, or this method isn’t giving you the results you desire, you can always try one of our recommended polish/cleaners. Some of our favorites include Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner and Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner. Always make sure your appliance’s manual allows for this type of cleaner before applying!

Cleaning methods we discourage involve using any type of abrasive cleaner such as MAAS Metal Polish or Brasso. These cleaners are some of the worst among black stainless steel cleaners, and are capable of removing the black finish on your appliances. You can learn more about these cleaners at Appliance Educator’s video The Only Stainless Steel Cleaners You Should Use.

You’ll want to avoid using any harsh cleaning tools as well, like steel wool or any other abrasive surfaces. Black stainless steel is extremely durable, however once the protective outer layer is worn away it can cause small blemishes that can lead to rust. It’s always best to use either a damp cloth or paper towels.

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