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Everything You Need For Your Home Bar

Everything You Need For Your Home Bar

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It’s 5 o’clock somewhere and happy hour is calling! Inviting a couple of friends over can often times beat going out to a bar. All you really need is a couple of drinks and you’ll find yourself deep in stories and laughter. Having a home bar is a great way to impress and entertain guests in a comfortable setting. Elevate your home bar experience with our favorite home bar accessories.

Have Some Class

If you have saved up liquor and spirits stored on top of a refrigerator or counter, then congratulations you haven’t grown out of your college days! As a sophisticated adult it’s high time you showcase your alcohol in a classy way. The first step is to have a dedicated space for it - a space where you can flex that 18 Year Dalmore and 20 Year Chateau Lafite Rothschild that you’ve been saving all these years. Owning a bar cart is the easiest way to get started. It’s compact, convenient and has a section for each of your bar essentials. Create a more welcoming drink space with the Moe’s Home Collection After Hours Bar Cart and entertain your guests the Gatsby way.

Have The Right Tools

Knowing how to make your own concoctions can go a long way, but unlike carrying your office softball team on your back, you can’t mix a cocktail without some help. To ensure you’re not left mixing in a solo cup, pick up these basic bar tools:


Ideally a Boston Shaker (has a built-in strainer), shakers will allow you to properly aerate and mix your drinks. Shaking incorporates small bubbles into your drink, and adds a bit of volume to the mouthfeel. It can spell a world of difference for martinis, sours, and the like.


Mixology is a science! This tool allows you to properly measure your liquor by ounce. When it comes to making cocktails, it pays to be precise. Fight your urge to eyeball each ingredient and enjoy the benefits of a well-balanced cocktail that’s sure to garner you a compliment.

Cocktail Spoon

For when you want to channel your inner Bond and make a martini stirred not shaken. The twists on the handle of the spoon complement the stirring motion to prevent splashes and diluting the drink.


Just like how chefs use a food sieve to ensure sauce quality and texture, mixologists use a strainer to pour the perfect cocktail. Mainly used to make sure that your drinks don’t get any unwanted cameos from ice and seeds.


While there are specific glasses for each cocktail, you don’t need to get them all at once. The two most essential glasses to have would be a high ball glass for most cocktails, and a whiskey glass for serving drinks on the rocks or neat. Stick to the classics, or get creative with your drinks with the Whiskey and Wine Design 10z Old Fashioned Cocktail Glasses "Set of 4".

What Are We Drinking?

The general rule of thumb when stocking up your home bar is to start with the liquor that you love to drink. But, consider getting a couple of other spirits if you often have guests that prefer fruity little drinks because they can’t shoot a whiskey. To start off your mixology journey, these five spirits prove to be versatile:

  • Whiskey

  • Gin

  • Vodka

  • Sweet Vermouth

  • Rum

Liquor or Liqueur?

Technically speaking, liquor and liqueur are both distilled spirits that contain alcohol and are essential when mixing cocktails. These terms are often used interchangeably, but have distinct differences that you should know of if you truly want to impress your guests.

Generally speaking, liquors are the basis of a drink while liqueurs are mainly used as flavoring agents in mixed drinks (however some liqueurs can be enjoyed on their own). By nature, liquors are not sweet while liqueurs are. It's generally accepted that there are six liquors; brandy, gin, rum, tequila, vodka, and whiskey.

Top It Off? Yes Please!

Nothing says “I’m better than you” to your guests more than displaying your wine collection. Bringing bottles out of the cellar and into view creates a stunning showpiece and conversation starter. Like a bookshelf, it highlights your individual taste, and gives you the opportunity to tell stories about each bottle you have. Design a beautifully stunning way to display your wine collection with the Moe’s Home Collection Cheds Teak Wine Bar, and create lasting impressions. This display has slots on top for your wine glasses, and 2 tiers of shelves for displaying other spirits. For a more sophisticated look, try setting the Sagebrook Home Set of 2 Round Wood and Metal Trays in Gray with neatly organized glassware and a drink spice kit atop the shelf.

Home bars don’t have to be complicated. If you don’t have one yet, it’s easy to get one started. All you really need are the right tools, the willingness to try something new and a rotation of basic cocktail recipes. The bar is now open and enjoy the rest of your night!

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