Hedley and Bennett Apron Review

Hedley and Bennett Apron Review

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In the bustling world of kitchen apparel and cooking aprons, one brand has quickly built a reputation for impeccable craftsmanship and elegant designs – Hedley and Bennett. With one look at a Hedley and Bennett apron, it becomes clear you are not looking at a plain kitchen apron. As one of the newest and most popular products here at Rustic Kitchen and Bath, we knew it was time to review the aprons that our customers are raving about.

Hedley and Bennett aprons have become a staple among chefs, home cooks, and kitchen enthusiasts alike, offering a delightful blend of style, durability, and functionality. In this review, we'll explore the highlights of some of our favorite Hedley and Bennett aprons, perfect for the cook looking to blend into a rustic or farmhouse-themed kitchen.

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Are Hedley and Bennett Aprons Good?

Yes, Hedley and Bennett are fantastic kitchen aprons and we are proud to carry them here at Rustic Kitchen and Bath. Since 2012, Hedley and Bennett's commitment to excellence has been evident in their attention to detail and insistence on only using high-quality materials. These aprons are built to last a lifetime, literally, as each apron comes with a lifetime guarantee against product failure that falls within intended use. In other words, Hedley and Bennett is so confident in their apron quality that as long as you use it as a kitchen apron and not a welder or mechanic apron they guarantee it will not fail.

Woman wearing a Hedley and Bennett apron reaching for food in a kitchen cabinet

The best part is that Hedley and Bennett aprons are suitable for both professional chefs and home cooks alike. Hedley and Bennett’s founder, Ellen Marie Bennett, is a professionally trained chef that realized the aprons she was wearing in some of the best kitchens in LA were not up to the task and failed. So she set out to create the best kitchen apron available, with all the necessary functionality, durability, pockets, colors, and comfortable fabrics demanded in a world-class kitchen.

The result was the Hedley and Bennett apron, which is meticulously crafted with functionality and comfort in mind, making them the perfect apron for any level of cooking.


Man wearing an olive green Hedley and Bennett apron outside grilling

We can’t emphasize this enough; Hedley and Bennett aprons are made to withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen. From robust cotton canvas to heavy-duty 12.5oz. wax-coated cotton, these aprons use only the best fabrics available and are designed to handle the hustle and last a lifetime. The lifetime guarantee against product failure within intended use speaks to the confidence the brand has in its product.


Woman wearing a polkadot and white Hedley and Bennett apron

Ellen Bennett has proudly exclaimed she has never seen a color she didn’t like and wanted Hedley and Bennettt aprons to be as beautiful as the food she loves to cook. Bennett views the kitchen apron as a “game day jersey” and something that a cook should be proud to wear. With all this in mind, it’s no wonder the color, pattern, and style choices Hedley and Bennett aprons offer is extensive. From rustic charm to unexpected elegance, Hedley and Bennett aprons can complement any style and kitchen aesthetic. The Bordeaux Crossback Apron, with its dark Bordeaux color and marshmallow-hued straps, is the epitome of classic-meets-contemporary style. The Denver Apron, in a sun-kissed golden brown with navy blue strap accents, exudes rugged simplicity with a dash of unexpected flair.

Size Inclusivity:

Hedley and Bennett specialty cut aprons on a white table

Hedley and Bennett understands the importance of inclusivity, and their aprons come in various sizes to accommodate all body types. Their aprons are available in 3 specialty cuts to help ensure a comfortable fit for everyone. Affectionately dubbed the “Long”, “Big Papa”, and “Big Boy”, these specialty cuts offer additional length and width up to 45" x 44". This commitment to size inclusivity in their aprons is not only a matter of practicality and comfort but also a reflection of Hedley and Bennett's dedication to creating a positive, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all customers.


3 professional line cooks in a restaurant kitchen wearing Hedley and Bennett aprons

Whether you're grilling cheese stuffed with kimchi or creating a classic steak au poivre, Hedley and Bennett aprons are versatile cooking companions. This versatility stems from the fact that they are designed by and for chefs who demanded more from their aprons. With multiple pockets, easy-to-use straps, utensil holders, and more, Hedley and Bennett aprons are designed with versatility and convenience in mind. From elaborate holiday feasts to carefree middle-of-the-night cooking, these aprons will effortlessly adapt to help you cook whatever you’re craving.

Easy to Clean:

Chef Alton Brown wearing his custom Hedley and Bennett apron while cooking

If you’re doing it right, Hedley and Bennett aprons will get messy as you cook those delicious dishes just like any other apron. Luckily, cleaning is a breeze with Hedley and Bennett's easy-to-follow care instructions that they carefully lay out for every apron they offer. Most of their aprons can be machine-washed cold and hung dry or tumbled dry low, making maintenance hassle-free.

Our Favorite Hedley and Bennett Aprons:

The Midnight Essential Apron:

Midnight Blue Essential apron on a white background

In the perfect shade of blue with burnt orange straps, this apron will remain stylishly relaxed even in the busiest of kitchens. Its 100% cotton twill fabric ensures durability and comfort. Available in both crossback and traditional styles, the appropriately named Essential Apron is a favorite among chefs who embrace style and demand functionality.

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The Denver Essential Apron:

The Denver Brown Essential apron on a white background

Everything we said about the Midnight Essential Apron can be said about the Denver Essential Apron as well. The timeless appeal of sun-kissed golden brown fabric with navy blue strap accents has made the Denver Essential Hedley and Bennett's bestselling apron. Its 10oz. 100% cotton canvas fabric guarantees durability, and the apron's rugged simplicity complements any cooking adventure.

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The Atlantic Waxman Apron:

The Atlantic Blue Waxman apron on a white background

Named after the dark blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, this apron boasts a lush dark blue color, waxed canvas finish, and leather straps. Built for tough day-after-day use, the 12.5oz. 100% cotton, soy wax-coated heavyweight fabric ensures it can handle anything thrown its way. In fact, Hedley and Bennett designed it with life on a deep-sea fishing boat in mind.

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The Bordeaux Crossback Apron:

Bordeaux Red Crossback Apron on a white background

Hedley and Bennett created their Crossback Apron with all-day comfort and use in mind. With French elegance, this apron features a dark red color reminiscent of Bordeaux-style wine contrasted by bright white straps. Its 9oz. 100% cotton brushed bull denim fabric is a bit more breathable and light than the Essential Apron without compromising on durability and style.

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Hedley and Bennett Aprons: More than Just Kitchen Gear

In conclusion, Hedley and Bennett aprons are more than just kitchen gear; they are lifetime companions for creative culinary journeys. With their top-notch craftsmanship, style, versatility, and inclusivity, these aprons make a bold statement in the kitchen. From the Atlantic Waxman Apron's deep-sea fishing inspiration to the Denver Apron's rugged simplicity, these aprons are sure to add a touch of fun and elegance to any kitchen activity. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a home cook, we here at Rustic Kitchen and Bath recommend Hedley and Bennett aprons as the perfect choice for both form and function.

Woman outside wearing a Hedley and Bennett apron and laughing

If you would like help finding the perfect Hedley and Bennett apron, call us at 1 (866) 212-9706 or book a consultation with one of our Hedley and Bennett experts!

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