How to Install Knobs and Handles on Your Kitchen Cabinets

How to Install Knobs and Handles on Your Kitchen Cabinets

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How to Install Knobs and Handles on Your Kitchen Cabinets

Do I use glue or screws? What tools do I need to make sure I don’t damage my finish? What appliances can I purchase to match my cabinets? These are some common questions renovators ask themselves when putting the final touches on their cabinetry. This week we’ll be teaching you how to install knobs and handles on your kitchen cabinets, as well as providing you a list of appliances you can purchase directly from our store to match your cabinetry!

Here’s A List of Tools You’ll Need:

Mapping Out the Knobs and Handles

Now that you have your cabinetry’s finish complete, and knobs or pulls on hand, it’s time for installation! The optional items we have listed above, including the adhesive putty and cabinet hardware installation template, are there to help you envision what the final product will look like before making any holes.

Using your template and a pencil, make small marks on your cabinetry where you’d like to see the hardware. Now, using the adhesive putty, stick it to both the leg of your knob or handle and to the marks you made onto your cabinetry. Adjust this positioning until you find the perfect spot for your hardware.

You can still do this without the optional materials provided above. Find the desired location for your hardware, and use a tape measurer to locate the center. Make small pencil marks at the center. If your hardware has two connecting points like a handle, you’ll need to make two pencil marks where those points will be screwed into the cabinetry.

Installing Your Cabinetry’s Hardware

How to Install Knobs and Handles on Your Kitchen Cabinets

Now that you have your penciled marks in the desired place, use your drill to make a hole slightly smaller than the screws your cabinet’s hardware came with. Once the holes are in place, from the back drill your screws in gently so you don’t make any cracks, or damage the wood.

From here, remove the screws and hold the hardware in place over the holes. By hand, screw in the screws until it’s too difficult to continue. Now use your screwdriver, or drill and drill bit to gently install those screws completely. It’s important you do this gently so you don’t strip the screws. Continue this process throughout all your cabinets, and enjoy!

Special Note: Make sure your hardware isn’t too close to one another, causing them to touch or rub against each other.

Appliances Made to Match Your Cabinetry

Don’t add appliances that will only degrade the hard work you’ve just done. There are plenty of appliances on our online store that will not only look stylish with your cabinetry, but you won’t have to break the bank to do it.

ZLINE 30 in. Professional Single Wall Oven in Stainless Steel or Black Stainless

This Wall Oven by ZLINE is available in both Stainless Steel and Black Stainless Steel and is designed to seamlessly fit into your kitchen’s cabinetry!

ZLINE 24" Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer with 30" Trim Kit

Microwave Drawers are becoming increasingly popular, and we can see why! These ZLINE Microwave Drawers take up less space in your kitchen, and come with a Trim Kit to hide cut outs for a clean look.

ZLINE 24" Top Control Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Tub and Modern Style Handle

ZLINE Dishwashers are perfect for matching your kitchen’s cabinets. They offer several different door finishes like oil-rubbed bronze, blue gloss, and panel-ready. The panel-ready Dishwasher is made to be completely customizable so you can add any style finish to match your kitchen’s colors.

Now that you have the kitchen cabinets of your dreams, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the view! Don’t forget to follow us on social media for special offers, and resources to help you throughout your renovation journey!

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