Top 4 Benefits of Induction Cooking

Top 4 Benefits of Induction Cooking

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If you’ve been shopping for a new range you’ve probably passed by the remarkably flat induction cooktop at some point. Ask a group of people what they think of induction and you’ll get a pretty divisive split of opinions. You’ll find some individuals who absolutely love induction cooking, while others may feel differently.

Don’t worry, we are here to clear the air about this unique technology, the benefits of induction cooking, and how it stacks up to traditional gas and electric ranges as well as introduce you to a new induction freestanding range.

Induction Cooking

What is Induction?

The primary difference between induction and gas range tops is the heating method. Unlike your typical gas or electric range, this cooking surface of an induction range doesn’t appear to have any kind of heating element. You won’t find an electric burner or a way to produce a flame.

Unlike all other ranges, induction cooktops utilize magnetic coils to create an electromagnetic field with your cookware. The resulting magnetic current then causes the cookware to heat up on its own, rather than through the transference of heat. This means that your cooking surface itself doesn’t ever heat up. Even shortly after boiling up water or frying an egg, you’ll find the entire surface, quite remarkably, cool to the touch.

ZLINE has changed the industry with its RAIND-30 Induction Freestanding Range . Enhance your kitchen experience with versatile cooking features including Power Boost and Power Sharing, which maximize power and heat with the touch of a button. Enjoy an ultra-deep oven capacity with a three-layered insulated glass oven for efficient cooking every use. With upgraded premium features such as SmoothSlide ball-bearing oven racks, dual lighting, and adjustable legs, this induction range is certain to wow both the chef and guests alike. Cook with ease with StayPut Italian hinges, providing a safe baking environment to enjoy for years to come. ZLINE stands by the longevity and durability of its professional induction ranges while ensuring further protection and peace of mind with a worry-free warranty. The ZLINE Induction Range ships the next business day when in stock.

ZLINE 30" Induction Cooking Cooktop with 4 burners (RCIND-30)

Induction vs. Gas & Electric Cooking

Now that we have a bit of the science out of the way, let’s see what induction brings to the (dining) table. Here are some benefits of induction compared to typical gas and electric ranges.

1. Safety

Most people accept the potential hazards their range presents because they aren’t aware of safer alternatives. Without the need for gas or a flame, induction cooking removes the risk of potential kitchen dangers, such as grease fires.

Furthermore, since there isn’t any direct heat involved the surface significantly reduces the likelihood of accidental burns.

Lastly, without proper ventilation gas burners can expose people to hazardous levels of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. Regardless of your type of range, it’s always important to have a range hood in your kitchen.

2. Easy to Clean

Nearly all induction cooktops feature a completely smooth surface, making cleaning a breeze. You won’t find any sneaky grime buildup in a recess or corner- there’s nowhere for it to hide! And when you do need to clean, just simply wipe off the surface with a simple ceramic glass cleaner.

Check out this video on the SCHOTT CERAN top on the new ZLINE 30" 4.0 cu. ft. Induction Range with a 4 Element Stove and Electric Oven in Stainless Steel (RAIND-30)

 ZLINE 24" Induction Cooktop with 4 burners (RCIND-24)

3. Energy Efficiency

Thanks to the impressive cooking speeds induction provide, you’ll be saving more on energy as your cook times are cut down. Likewise, without an open flame induction cooktops will contribute less heat to your home. Induction cooking can even lead to a decrease in the energy cost spent cooling!

4. Cooking Speed

As mentioned earlier, whereas traditional ranges first need to transfer heat to the pan, induction removes this step by heating the pan directly. By removing this step, your time spent cooking will be significantly reduced as well. On average, you can cut down the cooking time of your meals by up to 50%!

The Best Induction Cooktop

In our opinion, the best induction cooktops can provide the unique benefits of induction without needing you to break the bank.

The new ZLINE 30" 4.0 cu. ft. Induction Range with a 4 Element Stove and Electric Oven in Stainless Steel (RAIND-30) . The ZLINE 30” Induction Range with a 4 Element Stove and Electric Oven in Stainless Steel blends consistent precision and speed with its innovative technology and sleek, glass cooktop. Achieve incredibly fast heat and a quick boil with induction technology that heats 50% faster than comparable cooktops. ZLINE induction cooktops utilize superior electromagnetic technology to efficiently heat up magnetic stainless or cast iron cookware while saving more energy compared to gas or electric cooking.

This ZLINE Induction range is also packing some great features to enhance your cooking experience. The Power Boost Mode outputs maximum power for up to ten minutes, perfect for getting a pot of water boiling quickly. With the Power Sharing mode, you can set up convenient heat transitions between multiple burners. Lastly, the Keep Warm mode is great for keeping all your dishes warm and ready to be served.

ZLINE 30" 4.0 cu. ft. Induction Cooking Range with a 4 Element Stove and Electric Oven in Stainless Steel (RAIND-30)

Commonly Asked Induction Questions

Do I need new cookware to use induction cooking?

Not all kinds of cookware will be compatible with induction. In order for your cookware to heat up, it needs to have a flat magnetic bottom. Therefore, cookware with a copper, glass, or aluminum bottom will not work. Luckily, most cookware is commonly made from stainless steel or cast iron. A simple way to test if cookware is compatible is to try and stick a magnet on the underside. You can even try this in the store, if it sticks you’re good to go!

If you do however have cookware not compatible with induction cooking and don’t want to purchase new cookware, there is a solution. Many companies make induction disks, small magnetic rimless disks that are compatible with induction cooking. When placed underneath your non-magnetic cookware, the induction disks will heat up and then heat your pots and pans.

Can I install an induction cooktop if I don’t have a gas pipeline?

Absolutely! Not all homes have an available gas pipeline, but they all have electricity. And for induction, that’s all you need!

Are induction cooktops safe for my health?

Naturally, induction cooktops raise a lot of questions about the potential harm their magnetic fields could cause. While induction cooktops do emit radiation through their electromagnetic field (EMF), the levels are extremely low. Regular use of induction cooking does not create a harmful environment.

Is the food cooked with induction safe to eat?

Yes, food cooked with induction is very safe to eat. Just make sure your chicken is cooked thoroughly!

There you go, now you know everything there is to know about what an induction cooktop is. For more information about other kinds of appliances such as microwave speed ovens or outdoor kitchens , check out the rest of our blog.

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