What is A Dual Fuel Range?

What is A Dual Fuel Range?

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A kitchen range is a cornerstone appliance in any culinary space, combining a cooktop and an oven to create a centralized cooking station. Among the various types of kitchen ranges available, the dual fuel range stands out as a popular choice for home cooks and professional chefs alike. In this blog, we will delve into the world of dual fuel ranges, exploring their definition, unique features, benefits, installation requirements, and even our recommendation for the best dual fuel range available.

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What Does 'Dual Fuel Range' Mean?

Dual Fuel Range in a small kitchen

We are regularly asked about precisely what 'dual fuel' refers to in regard to dual fuel ranges. Trust us, you’re not alone if you’re asking the same question. A dual fuel range combines two fuel sources to power its components. Specifically, it features a gas-powered cooktop and an electric-powered oven. The combination of these two fuel types capitalizes on the strengths of each and has given the dual fuel range a reputation for versatility in the kitchen. 

  • Gas cooktop: Gas burners offer instant heat and precise control, making it easier to adjust temperatures during cooking.
  • Electric oven: Electric ovens provide even heat distribution and consistent temperatures, ideal for baking and roasting.

Dual Fuel vs. Gas Ranges

Gas cooktop on a dual fuel range

When comparing dual fuel ranges with their gas-only counterparts, several factors come into play. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, catering to different cooking preferences and needs.

Advantages of Dual Fuel Ranges over Gas Ranges:

  • Enhanced cooking precision: Gas cooktops offer quick heat adjustments, while electric ovens provide accurate temperature settings for precise cooking.
  • Reduced ventilation requirements: The electric oven on dual fuel ranges reduces potentially harmful and toxic gas byproducts.

Advantages of Gas Ranges over Dual Fuel Ranges:

  • Reduced power consumption: Gas ranges typically require little to no power to operate. In fact, many gas ranges can function during a power outage.
  • Baking with open flames: Some cooks prefer the visual feedback and control of baking and roasting with open flames.

Benefits of Dual Fuel Ranges

Electric oven on a dual fuel range

Dual fuel ranges offer plenty of benefits that cater to cooking enthusiasts and professionals alike:

  • Optimal cooking performance: Not to beleaguer the point, but the combination of gas cooktops and electric ovens allows users to capitalize on the strengths of each for superior cooking results.
  • Precise temperature control: Electric ovens maintain a consistent temperature, reducing the risk of undercooked or overcooked dishes.
  • Energy efficiency: Electric ovens often have better insulation because they require less ventilation since there are no gas byproducts. This leads to reduced heat loss and energy consumption during cooking.
  • Versatility: Dual fuel ranges provide the ability to switch between gas and electric cooking methods. Some recipes and culinary techniques specify the use of gas or the use of electric convection.

Dual Fuel Range Installation

Dual fuel range installed into a kitchen with gas line and 240V circuit

Since dual fuel ranges require both an electrical installation and a gas line, certain considerations should be taken into account:

  • Electrical requirements: Dual fuel ranges typically require a dedicated 240-volt electrical circuit to power the oven. This means a dual fuel range should not be plugged into a circuit that is shared with any other kitchen appliances.
  • Gas line installation: A proper gas line must be installed for the cooktop's gas burners to function safely and efficiently. Some dual fuel ranges can operate on both liquid propane and natural gas with minor adjustments, while others are designed for one type of gas. Before deciding on a specific dual range, you should make sure you will be able to supply the correct type of gas.

The Best Dual Fuel Range

If you're considering purchasing a dual fuel range and looking for the perfect option, we highly recommend the ZLINE 36 Inch Dual Fuel Range (RA36). This dual fuel range from ZLINE boasts a stainless steel design and comes with impressive capabilities, all at an affordable price point. Whether you're an experienced home chef or just starting, the ZLINE RA36 offers a cooking environment that inspires confidence and pride.

The ZLINE RA36 is designed to be fully customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your taste and kitchen decor. With three finishes and six door colors to choose from, optional brass burners, and the option to add Gold, Matte Black, or Champagne Bronze accents from ZLINE's Autograph Edition Collection, you can make it uniquely yours.

Top ZLINE 36 Inch Dual Fuel Range (RA36) Features

  • Italian-Made Sealed Burners: This industry-leading gas cooktop is equipped with six hand-cast burners, providing a wide range of cooking power from 1,000 to 18,000 BTUs. With this setup, you can optimize every meal and achieve even heat distribution for exceptional cooking results.
  • Smooth Glide Ball-Bearing Oven Racks: The RA36 comes with durable ball-bearing oven racks that make working with larger dishes a breeze. These racks ensure smooth and effortless movement for added convenience while cooking.
  • StayPut Oven Door Hinges: Safety and convenience are paramount, and the StayPut Oven Door Hinges are designed to support the full weight of the oven door. This feature enhances safety during usage and adds to the overall convenience of the appliance.


In conclusion, a dual fuel range brings together the best of both gas and electric cooking, offering a versatile and high-performance appliance for culinary enthusiasts. With precise temperature control and energy efficiency, it is no wonder that dual fuel ranges have become a popular choice for modern kitchens.

If you are interested in upgrading your entire kitchen with a dual fuel range, we have dozens of dual fuel range kitchen packages with matching refrigerators, range hoods, and more. Whether you are a passionate home cook or a professional chef, a dual fuel range kitchen package will elevate your cooking experience to new heights.

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If you would like additional help finding the perfect dual fuel range, please feel free to call us at 1 (866) 212-9706 or book a consultation with one of our dual fuel range experts!

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