Why You Should Have an Outdoor Kitchen in 2022

Why You Should Have an Outdoor Kitchen in 2022

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Your new house is put together and your backyard is almost complete. Grass has been laid down and the deck has been stained. But there’s one thing that might take your backyard from being run to the mill to the talk of the town, and that’s an outdoor kitchen.

We aren’t just talking about a BBQ (although grills are a big part of it). We’re talking about a full-on space that will allow you to cook meals for your guest and family at maximum efficiency.

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How often have you been in the middle of grilling up some burgers, running inside to cut up tomatoes, and coming back outside to realize your burgers were suddenly overdone? With an outdoor kitchen, you can conveniently stay in one space while you cook the meal and not leave things unsupervised.

There are a lot of different factors that go into making the perfect outdoor kitchen. But, just like the kitchen inside your house, you want the best for your outdoor kitchen. Here are some of the things we suggest for the perfect outdoor kitchen.

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The grill options are endless, so picking the perfect grill can be a bit of a daunting process. The grill is the heart of your outdoor kitchen, so you’ll want to pick one that’s made of high-quality materials and is long-lasting, and you certainly won’t complain if it came with a few extra bells and whistles on top.

When you go shopping for a grill, you’ll need to choose between gas, charcoal, and a relative newcomer to the market, pellet grills. Consumer Reports has no stake in the age-old debate over which form of fuel is the best for barbecuing, and our testing experts find advantages to all three.

Gas is more convenient because you turn the burners on to start the grill. Charcoal, whether you have a regular charcoal grill or a more specialized kamado grill, gives you a greater degree of control—you determine the amount of heat by the size of the fire you build. Pellet grills, which use wood pellets, are meant to offer the taste of cooking with wood, plus unmatched precision—they have digital thermostats that allow you to dial in a precise cooking temperature. Because of these differences, we test each type differently.

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Range Hood

The dynamic duo of your outdoor kitchen will be your grill and your range hood. “But Rustic Kitchen and Bath, I’m already outdoors, what good would a range hood do for me?” While you’re outdoors, it doesn’t mean that the fumes from your grill will just disperse in the open air. Instead, a range hood helps remove the fumes directly from your grill and away from your outdoor kitchen.

Our current favorite is the ZLINE DuraSnow® Stainless Steel Range Hood with DuraSnow® Shell (8654SN) . This range hood is made to be outdoors so you don’t have to worry about it getting rusted from the weather. It features a powerful 1200 CFM motor that has 4 different speed levels, built-in LED lighting and dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffle filters for easy cleanup.

ZLINE DuraSnow¨ Stainless Steel Range Hood with DuraSnow¨ Shell (8654SN)


Cabinetry is a must in any outdoor kitchen! We suggest at least a couple of cabinets and shelves for kitchen storage; at the minimum, you’ll need a place to store a trash can, utensils, plates, and glasses for your food and drink!

Durability is the number one concern when looking for the best outdoor kitchen cabinets. Outdoor cabinets absolutely must be weather resistant, even if they will be undercover. This is particularly important in Florida, where the climate is wet and humid.

To ensure maximum weather resistance, choose cabinets made of 304 or superior quality 316 stainless steel. Stainless steel can easily stand up to extreme temperatures and moisture. It also provides a sleek look that blends nicely with most outdoor kitchens. For hardware, look for steel handles coated in zinc to provide the best rust resistance.

Tips for Choosing the Best Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets. https://allprostainlessproducts.com/tips-for-choosing-the-best-outdoor-kitchen-cabinets/


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Outdoor Dining

Things like a grill and range hood are the most important parts of your outdoor kitchen design, but be sure to think about the atmosphere of the kitchen as well. Be sure to purchase a table with plenty of room, chairs that go along with it, and plenty of outdoor approved lighting (cooking in the dark is not only a challenge, but it’s also pretty dangerous!)

If you’re looking to really make your outdoor space dazzle, consider implementing a fireplace. Fireplaces can really make an area pop, and who doesn’t love spending time around a fireplace with family and friends, a cold drink in hand, and a belly full of delicious food.

Adding a decanter to your table setting will have you staying longer outside. The Kalalou Tall Stem White Wine Decanter with Ice Pocket are free-form pieces, not made from molds, but wonderful organic shapes that are thick and hefty. Best of all, the glass is recycled from old windows, automobile glass, and all sorts of bottles. Each design is one-of-a-kind, and yes, as always, you can count on unique variations in each piece. For after all... this is no ordinary piece of glass!

Tilted White Wine Decanter with Ice Pocket - LaFleur Home .... https://fortsmithhomedecor.com/product/tilted-white-wine-decanter-with-ice-pocket/

Styled By Emily Henderson

Credit: Styled By Emily Henderson

Outdoor kitchen mistakes to avoid

There are a few things you should avoid when building an outdoor kitchen. The first is implementing any appliances or hardware that aren’t outdoor approved. The last thing you would want to do is have your outdoor kitchen have unnecessary extra costs after a few rainstorms. Also, be sure to avoid cramming your outdoor kitchen into a small space, you would hate to have your furniture too close to your grill, that’s a disaster just waiting to happen!

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We hope this has inspired you into investing in an outdoor kitchen! Remember that Rustic Kitchen & Bath is the best place to buy all your outdoor and indoor kitchen needs. If you need any assistance or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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