ZLINE Autograph Edition Collection Review

ZLINE Autograph Edition Collection Review

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ZLINE is a family-owned company, founded by Andrew Zuro. ZLINE is focused on producing beautifully designed professional kitchen appliances inspired by the beauty of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada landscapes. Achieve a luxurious, yet attainable experience with industry-leading kitchen appliances that will ignite your inner chef when you purchase an Autograph Edition appliance. 

In 2021, ZLINE expanded its definition of attainable luxury with the release of the ZLINE Autograph Edition Collection. This collection offers an exceptional culinary performance coupled with a personal touch, showcasing a perfect blend of precision, beauty, and quality. This collection demonstrates ZLINE's commitment to providing the best possible kitchen appliances to its customers, while still being accessible and affordable.

What is the ZLINE Autograph Edition Collection?

The ZLINE Autograph Edition Collection is a sophisticated line of kitchen appliances that are specially crafted from durable stainless steel or black stainless steel, and equipped with personalized touches with gold, champagne bronze, or matte black handles and knobs.

Available Autograph Edition Accent Colors:

  • Gold

  • Champagne Bronze

  • Matte Black

Available Autograph Edition Finishes:

  • Stainless Steel

  • Black Stainless Steel

  • DuraSnow® Stainless Steel

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ZLINE Autograph Edition Ranges

The ZLINE Autograph Edition Ranges serve as the focal point of any kitchen, whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook. These ranges are equipped with high BTU brass burners, precise temperature controls, and large-capacity ovens, providing users with everything they need to cook to perfection. They are available in a range of sizes, including 30", 36", 48", and 60" models, making it easy to choose the best option for your kitchen and cooking needs.


  • Easy-to-Clean One-PiecePorcelein Cooktop

  • Italian Brass Burners for superior heat retention

  • Smooth-Glide ball bearing oven racks

  • LP Conversion Kit

  • Stay-put Italian hinges

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ZLINE Autograph Edition Range Hoods

ZLINE Autograph Edition Range Hood

The ZLINE Autograph Edition Range Hoods from ZLINE are the perfect addition to your kitchen suite, effectively eliminating unwanted smoke and fumes while blending seamlessly with your decor. These range hoods boast features such as a powerful yet quiet motor and built-in LED lighting to enhance visibility while cooking. They are available in wall-mounted configurations, and come in various sizes including 30", 36", and 48" models, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your kitchen.


  • Dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffle filters

  • Built-in LED lights

  • 4-speed fan control

  • 400 CFM and 700 CFM options

  • Lifetime motor warranty

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ZLINE Autograph Edition Refrigerators

The ZLINE Autograph Edition Refrigerators are available in both counter-depth and built-in styles, with ZLINE aiming to offer optimal temperature control and storage for all types of food and drinks. These refrigerators boast features such as humidity control, adjustable shelving, and a fingerprint-resistant finish, ensuring the best possible freshness and longevity of food items. The refrigerators are offered in various sizes, including a 36" option for counter-depth refrigerators and 30", 36", and 60" options for built-in refrigerators.


  • Flex Drawer offers 4 temperature ranges

  • Humidity control crisper drawers

  • Triple cooling system

  • Water and ice dispenser

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting.

  • ENERGY STAR® rated

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ZLINE Autograph Edition Wall Ovens

The ZLINE Autograph Edition Wall Ovens are intended to deliver precise temperature control and consistent cooking results. These ovens are available in both single and double oven configurations, with features such as true convection cooking (which includes a third heating element along with convection fans) and self-cleaning. The wall ovens are also offered in different finishes that match the other products in the Autograph Edition Collection.


  • 3 convection cooking modes: convection bake, convection rose, and convection broil

  • Self-Clean technology

  • Sabbath mode

  • Halogen oven light

  • Smooth glide oven racks

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ZLINE Autograph Edition Monument & Tallac Dishwashers

The ZLINE Autograph Edition Dishwashers offer exceptional cleaning power with luxurious style in mind. These dishwashers are designed with a spacious third rack and user-friendly top touch controls, ensuring easy operation. The dishwasher is available in both 18" and 24" models with 4 different panel color options.


  • 6 different wash cycles

  • 45dBA noise level

  • DuraWash® technology (only for Monument Series)

  • ENERGY STAR® certified

  • 3rd rack

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ZLINE Autograph Edition Microwaves

The ZLINE Autograph Edition Microwaves are designed to enhance your everyday routine with fast and efficient cooking with timeless accents. Available in a built-in drawer configuration, this microwave offers sensor cooking and multi-stage cooking. The microwaves also come in a variety of finishes to match the rest of the Autograph Edition Collection.


  • 10 different power levels

  • 45dBA noise level

  • 1.2 cu. ft. capacity

  • ADA compliant

  • Intuitive control panel

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ZLINE Autograph Edition Cooktops

The ZLINE Autograph Edition Cooktops are designed for high-powered performance and superior precision control. Just like ZLINE’s Autograph Edition Ranges, the cooktop also offers high BTUs, and brass burners for superior heat retention. The knobs additionally allow for precise temperature control. The cooktop comes in different sizes, including 30”, 36”, and 48” models.


  • Porcelain cooktop

  • Italian brass burners

  • LP conversion kit

  • Suitable for mounting on counter or island settings

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ZLINE Autograph Edition Monument Wine and Beverage Coolers

Keep your favorite wines and beverage at the perfect temperature with the ZLINE Autograph Edition Monument Wine and Beverage Coolers. With impeccable style and functionality, the ZLINE Monument Wine & Beverage Coolers offer your kitchen more storage capacity and maximum insulation. The wine and beverage coolers also come in a variety of finishes to match the rest of the Autograph Edition Collection.


  • LED display

  • Maximum insulation

  • Versatile installation with the option for built-in or freestanding

  • Dual pane glass door

  • Adjustable shelves

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ZLINE Autograph Edition Kitchen Packages

The most subtle of details can enhance the feeling of luxury. Transform your kitchen with a complete ZLINE Autograph Edition appliance package. With a combination of stainless steel, black stainless steel, or DuraSnow® stainless steel appliances and accents of champagne bronze, gold, or matte black, you can effortlessly create a sophisticated and stylish space that exudes beauty, precision, and expression. ZLINE offers various package options, ranging from 2 to 5-piece bundles, allowing you to choose the best fit for your kitchen needs.

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