Does ZLINE Make Refrigerators?

Does ZLINE Make Refrigerators?

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Yes, ZLINE does make refrigerators! In late 2021 ZLINE introduced a line of premium French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerators to complement their kitchen appliance offering. Since then, ZLINE has also launched a line of Built-In Refrigerators as well as a smaller line of refrigeration that they call the Monument Wine and Beverage Coolers. After being available for more than a year at the time of writing, it’s time to ask the question— are ZLINE refrigerators good?

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Are ZLINE Refrigerators Good?

ZLINE Refrigerators are good! With sleek styling, contemporary features, and plenty of customization options, ZLINE refrigerators have a lot to offer anyone looking for a premium refrigerator. In this post, we’re taking a look at the design, features, and overall experience we found while using ZLINE’s refrigerators.

ZLINE has always been a brand that takes careful consideration when designing its products. They initially got started making range hoods because their founder could not find one that he liked the design of. So it came as no surprise that ZLINE’s refrigerators look like they were designed from a no-compromises-allowed approach.

We believe that quality design is not actually quality if it means compromising on key features, particularly when it comes to appliances that are used multiple times during any given day like refrigerators. ZLINE entered the refrigerator market at a time when features like an ice maker were to be expected, so we were pleased to find that ZLINE didn’t just do what was expected of them but made sure they raised the bar with the features they consider necessary on today’s premium refrigerators.

ZLINE Refrigerator in modern kitchen

ZLINE Counter-Depth Refrigerators

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  • ZLINE Counter-Depth Refrigerator Design - All of ZLINE’s Counter-Depth Refrigerators feature a French Door i.e. they have a continuous refrigerator space on top accessed by two doors and two drawer-accessed spaces below. At 36 inches wide, the French Door design allows these ZLINE Counter-Depth refrigerators to take up a minimal amount of kitchen real estate while offering 22.5 cubic feet of storage space on the icemaker-only variation, and 21.6 cubic feet on the water dispenser with icemaker variation.

    ZLINE’s Counter-Depth Refrigerators currently come in fingerprint-resistant classic stainless or black stainless steel and can be outfitted with gold, champagne bronze, or matte black accents as part of ZLINE’s Autograph Edition line of appliances. The counter-depth approach makes these refrigerators look great in any kitchen setting.

  • ZLINE Counter-Depth Refrigerator Features - As we mentioned earlier, all of ZLINE’s Counter-Depth Refrigerators come with an ice maker, and adding a water dispenser costs less than a single cubic foot of storage space. The adjustable shelving feels up to the task and we weren’t worried about putting the full storage capacity to the test with heavier items. LED lighting made finding late-night snacks easier and we liked that the interior wasn’t just lit from the top but from the sides as well.

    A couple of features we didn’t expect to use much were the Super Cool and Super Freeze modes, but it was a nice touch to be able to rapidly chill some beverages and rapidly freeze entrees after getting home from the store on a hot day.

ZLINE Counter-Depth Refrigerator with Water Dispenser

ZLINE Built-in Refrigerators

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  • ZLINE Built-in Refrigerator Design - The first thing we noticed with ZLINE’s Built-in Refrigeration design was the difference in the approach they took with sizing options. With 30, 36, and 60-inch offerings there’s much more to consider when it comes to ZLINE’s Built-in Refrigerators since the built-in design does come with the caveat of a reduction in storage capacity. A 60-inch ZLINE Built-in Refrigerator will provide 32.2 cubic feet of storage space with the 36-inch coming in at 19.6 and the 30-inch at 16.1.

    A lot of people will opt for the built-in design because of how beautiful these ZLINE Built-in Refrigerators look when they are placed in the kitchen. ZLINE’s Built-in Refrigerators currently come in classic stainless steel with the Autograph Edition gold, champagne bronze, and matte black accents as options. For those of you looking for that true, complete-kitchen look, ZLINE also made these built-in refrigerators available in a panel-ready setup to ensure they match the rest of the kitchen down to the panel and handle design.

  • Built-in Refrigerator Features - ZLINE’s Built-in Refrigerators manage to fit the same adjustable shelving, LED lighting, and rapid chill functionality as their counter-depth counterparts, but with the addition of an internal water and ice dispenser on all sizes that can make up to 4 lbs of ice in a day.

    The crown gem of ZLINE’s Built-in Refrigerator in terms of features is the consideration to add a twin cooling system with highly-adjustable and precise temperature control for both the refrigerator and freezer sections. With the reduced store capacity, it seems ZLINE understood that these two sections would demand higher capability with freezer temperatures able to reach as low as -11°F and a wide 35°F-46°F temperature range for the refrigerator.

ZLINE 36-inch Built-in Refrigerator in Stainless Steel

ZLINE Monument Wine and Beverage Coolers

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  • ZLINE Monument Wine and Beverage Cooler Design - As the latest addition to their premier refrigeration suite, ZLINE made it clear that their wine and beverage coolers were designed with a specific purpose in mind by getting straight to the point— these cool wine and beverages. With that in mind, these are great for the man cave or she shed and if you’re anything like us these will be very popular at the office.

    The most important design distinction between these two coolers is the shelving; the wine cooler features wood shelving while the beverage cooler features glass shelving. Both units have an incredible storage capacity with room for up to 44 bottles of wine and 154 canned beverages. To answer your question before it’s asked, yes, we really did count it.

    As for finishes, so far ZLINE’s Monument Wine and Beverage Coolers are offered in stainless steel with optional  Autograph Edition gold, champagne bronze, and matte black accents. Both can be installed built-in or placed wherever there is room as a freestanding unit and both look professional in any setting.
    ZLINE Monument Beverage Cooler

  • ZLINE Monument Wine and Beverage Cooler Features - The features you’ll find on ZLINE’s Monument Wine and Beverage Coolers are where the distinction between the two units becomes more apparent. While the beverage cooler has one temperature zone with a range of 9°F-50°F, the wine cooler boasts two temperature zones with ranges of 39°F-50°F in the upper zone and 50°F-68°F in the lower zone, which allows you to keep both red and white wines at an ideal temperature. Additionally, the wine cooler’s Beechwood racks use smooth-gliding technology to keep wines safe and absorb vibration while a carbon filter removes odors.

    Both the Monument Wine and Beverage Coolers benefit from LED lighting and an intuitive LED display that makes adjusting temperature and turning on the child-lock feature quick and easy.

ZLINE Wine Cooler full of wine

ZLINE Refrigerator Overall Experience

We set out to answer the question— are ZLINE refrigerators good? Simply put, yes, ZLINE refrigerators are good! Our overall experience when putting these products to the test left us feeling confident in the design process that went into each product in ZLINE’s refrigeration suite. We found that ZLINE paid attention to the important features and little details that should be expected on premium kitchen appliances. The bold styling of the Autograph Edition accents added a touch of elegance to a product so many other brands today take a purely utilitarian approach to.

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ZLINE Autograph Edition Refrigerator in Black Stainless Steel Champagne Bronze with Matching Kitchen

As one of ZLINE’s newest product offerings, we’ll be paying close attention to any new features or lines that ZLINE adds to their refrigeration suite and look forward to the future of these premier appliances.

For anyone looking to upgrade more than just their refrigerator, we highly recommend taking a look at some of ZLINE’s kitchen appliance packages. The ZLINE Kitchen Package with 36-inch Counter-Depth Refrigerator, 30 in. Dual Fuel Range, and Traditional Over the Range Microwave will immediately complete any kitchen.

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