ZLINE Touchstone Under Counter Refrigerators Review

ZLINE Touchstone Under Counter Refrigerators Review

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Recently, ZLINE Kitchen and Bath unveiled a new line of under counter refrigerators. Dubbed the Touchstone Series, these new refrigeration options are the secret to a luxurious kitchen upgrade. These Undercounter Wine Coolers and Beverage Fridges offer a blend of professional quality and variety, with multiple door designs. In this post, we’re highlighting some of the many features that set ZLINE Touchstone Under Counter Refrigerators apart as they set a new standard of entertainment for your home, indoors and out.

What is an Undercounter Refrigerator?

An under counter refrigerator is a compact refrigerator designed to fit seamlessly beneath your countertop or within your cabinetry to store food, wine, and other beverages. These refrigerators are widely utilized in kitchens, bars, and areas where the emphasis is on efficient space utilization and a sophisticated visual appeal.

Under Counter Wine Coolers and Beverage Fridges vs. Freestanding

Under counter: 

  • Built-in, seamless appearance to fit under the counter or within cabinetry.

  • Space efficient, optimizing space in kitchens, bars, or other entertainment areas.

  • Not ideal for portability; meant to be a more permanent option.

ZLINE Touchstone Under Counter Refrigerator Review

These features are showcased in ZLINE's 24 in. Touchstone 151 Can Beverage Fridge With Stainless Steel Glass Door (RBSO-GS-24) . This fridge is bound to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen space, adding a touch of sophistication.

Explore 24 in. Touchstone Beverage Fridge


  • It can be set up almost anywhere.

  • Larger storage space.

  • Easy to move and relocate, providing flexibility in location and placement.

Single Zone vs. Dual Zone Undercounter Wine Coolers

Single Zone:

  • Have a uniform temperature throughout the entire unit.

  • Typically more affordable than Dual Zone Under Counter Wine Coolers.

  • Ideal for those who only drink one type of wine or wines that are stored at the same temperature.

Dual Zone:

  • Have two separate compartments, each with their own temperature controls.

  • Ideal for long-term wine storage, making sure red and white wines are at their respective ideal serving temperatures.

  • Provides greater flexibility for storage preferences.

ZLINE Touchstone Under Counter Refrigerator ReviewZLINE Touchstone Under Counter Refrigerator Review

Through its design and functionality, the ZLINE 24 in. Touchstone Dual Zone 44 Bottle Wine Cooler With Stainless Steel Glass Door showcases these features.  

Explore 24 in. Touchstone Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Indoor & Outdoor Compatibility

  • The ZLINE Touchstone Under Counter Refrigeration products are masterfully crafted to set a new standard of entertainment for your home. With fully wrapped stainless steel exterior features for unmatched durability and an anti-sweat and waterproof design, Touchstone Undercounter Refrigeration is perfect for indoor or outdoor installation. 

Integrated Stainless Steel and Panel-Ready Doors

  • The Panel Ready Touchstone Refrigerators allow you to comfortably install your own custom integrated panel and handle to create a truly unique look in your kitchen or on your patio. Whether it is the Panel Ready Dual Zone Wine Cooler (RWDPO-24) , or the Panel-Ready Beverage Fridge (RBSPO-24) , you will have the flexibility to customize your Touchstone with a custom panel and the capability to host parties of any size. 

ZLINE Touchstone Under Counter Refrigerator Review

Explore the Panel Ready Dual Zone Wine Cooler

ZLINE Touchstone Under Counter Refrigerator Review

Explore the Panel-Ready Beverage Fridge

Seamless Built-In Installation

  • Easily match your current cabinetry or stand out with stylish stainless steel. A precise zero-clearance design matched with a modern ventilation system, allowing for flush built-in installation into any cabinetry setting.

Star-K Compliance

  • ZLINE Touchstone Refrigeration features a kosher-certified Sabbath Mode which enables optimal energy efficiency for those of particular faiths during use on the Sabbath and holidays.

If you’re ready to introduce a new era of luxury to your home with one of ZLINE's Touchstone Under Counter Refrigerators, call us at 1 (877) 529-5413 or book a consultation with one of our ZLINE product experts!

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