Forno Kitchen Range Review and Spotlight

Forno Kitchen Range Review and Spotlight

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Have you been wondering if a Forno kitchen range is right for you?

If the kitchen is the heart of your home, the appliances within it are the tools that keep the meals pumping and bring life to your dishes. The kitchen range plays a pivotal role and is likely the stage where the primary dish and centerpiece are made during any large family gatherings or special occasions.

That’s why choosing the right kitchen range is a decision that should not be taken lightly. After all, it's not just an appliance; it's an investment in the future of your cooking and the enjoyment of your meals. The range you select will affect your daily cooking experiences, the quality of your dishes, and the overall functionality of your kitchen.

If you’re considering adding a Forno kitchen range to your home, read on! We’re highlighting a few of our favorite Forno ranges as well as answering some common questions we’re asked about Forno ranges.

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Is Forno a Good Range Brand?

Forno range and range hood in a kitchen.

We get asked if Forno is a good brand a lot! The answer is yes, Forno is a good brand and their kitchen ranges are among our favorites. Before you invest in a kitchen range, it's natural to want to know more about the brand behind the product. Rest assured, Forno is a reputable name in the world of kitchen ranges and has been growing in popularity at a rapid pace since it entered the North American market.

Forno doesn’t just make freestanding kitchen ranges. With a full suite of kitchen appliances including refrigerators, wall ovens, and dishwashers, Forno offers a wide range of products for a wide range of shoppers. Perhaps most importantly, Forno’s suite of appliances are all priced competitively.

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Where are Forno Ranges Made?

Corner burner on Forno kitchen range.

Understanding where Forno products are manufactured and how they provide customer support is helpful when deciding if a Forno range is right for you.

Forno manufactures all its appliances in China, where they utilize European design processes and fabrication methods. This commitment to European design standards ensures that the appliances are not only durable but also meet commercial-grade quality, which is essential for any professional or home kitchen.

Despite its overseas manufacturing location, Forno is dedicated to providing excellent customer support and service to its North American market. The brand's customer care team and service center are located in Montreal, ensuring that any necessary repairs or replacements can be handled quickly and efficiently. This means that you can trust in the quality and reliability of Forno appliances, knowing that support is readily available when needed.

What is the Best Forno Gas Range?

Forno manufactures over twenty all-gas ranges, so there’s a large variety of options to choose from if you’re considering a Forno gas range. The double-oven Forno Galiano 48″ Freestanding Gas Range is one of our best-selling gas ranges here at Rustic Kitchen and Bath, and the following features make it easy to see why.

Forno Galiano Professional - 48 in. 6.58 cu. ft. Range with Gas Stove and Gas Oven in Stainless Steel (FFSGS6244-48)

Forno Galiano – 48″ Freestanding Gas Range

Powerful Cooktop:

The 48-inch All Gas Forno Galiano boasts an impressive 8-burner cooktop with over 100,000 combined BTUs. One feature that particularly stands out is the sealed dual-ring burner, perfect for boiling or searing, yet versatile enough for simmering delicate sauces or melting chocolate.

Forno Galiano – 48″ Freestanding Gas Range Cooktop

Continuous Cast-Iron Grates:

Unlike individual or segmented grates, continuous cast iron grates form a seamless and unbroken surface across the entire cooking area. Continuous cast-iron grates are not uncommon on today’s top kitchen ranges, but it’s important to point out that their inclusion on the 48-inch All Gas Forno Galiano means you won’t have to worry about the risk of tipping or wobbling when working with larger or heavier cookware. 

Continuous Cast-Iron grates on Forno Galiano – 48″ Freestanding Gas Range

Right-Side Convection Oven:

The right-side oven of the 48-inch All Gas Forno Galiano features a convection fan function with true European convection. This function helps ensure even heat distribution to help achieve perfectly cooked dishes with a golden brown finish. Pairing the convection feature with 3-layer glass and 6.58 cubic feet of total oven capacity means the 48-inch All Gas Forno Galiano delivers a premium baking and roasting experience.

Convection fan inside right-side oven on Forno Galiano – 48″ Freestanding Gas Range

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If you don’t think you need all that cooking power and space but want to stick with an all-gas configuration, consider the 30-inch Forno Lazio.

What is the Best Forno Dual Fuel Range?

If you prefer the power of a gas cooktop paired with the precision of an electric oven (known as dual fuel), the Forno Galiano 36″ Freestanding French Door Dual Fuel Range is a true gem in the world of dual fuel kitchen ranges. Blending style, design, and functionality, the 36-inch Dual Fuel French Door Forno Galiano caught our eye as soon as it was launched in 2023.

Forno Galiano 36 in. 5.36 cu. ft. French Door Freestanding Dual Fuel Range with Gas Stove and Electric Oven in Stainless Steel (FFSGS6356-36)

FORNO Galiano 36″ Freestanding French Door Dual Fuel Range

French Door Oven:

The standout feature of this range is its unique French door-style oven doors. These doors add undeniable elegance to your kitchen with practical benefits. They allow for up to 12 inches of additional space when open, making it incredibly convenient to access the oven. It's a significant design choice that sets this range apart.

French doors open on FORNO Galiano 36″ Freestanding French Door Dual Fuel Range

Updated Corners:

Forno added angled corners to the stainless steel finish of the 36-inch Dual Fuel French Door Galiano. This subtle aesthetic design tweak made a massive impression on us and we’re confident that it is truly a “timeless” range that will elevate the overall look of your kitchen and leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits your kitchen as well.

Updated corners with FORNO Galiano 36″ Freestanding French Door Dual Fuel Range

Cooktop Performance:

Functionally, this range doesn't disappoint either. With 6 sealed gas burners supplying 83,000 BTUs, you’ll find plenty of cooktop power for any dish. Plus, the inclusion of a sealed dual-ring burner for simmering and melting, as well as a 20K dual-ring burner for boiling and searing, makes this range capable of tackling a wide range of dishes.

Cooktop on FORNO Galiano 36″ Freestanding French Door Dual Fuel Range from above

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Forno also introduced an all-electric 36-inch French Door Galiano. While gas cooktops are often preferred for their power, we have had nothing but positive feedback on the performance of the all-electric cooktop which offers a professional and modern look.

Which Forno Range is Right for You?

The choice between a Dual Fuel, Gas, or Electric Forno Range ultimately depends on your cooking preferences and needs. We recommend taking the following factors into consideration when making your decision:

  1. Cooking Style: Do you prefer the precision of electric cooking for baking or the responsiveness of gas for stovetop cooking?
  2. Available Hookups: Check if your kitchen is equipped for the type of range you prefer. Dual Fuel Ranges require both gas and electrical connections.
  3. Design and Aesthetics: Think about how the range will fit into your kitchen's design. 
  4. Budget: Your budget might also influence your decision, as there tend to be some price differences between gas, dual fuel, and electric ranges as well as differences in the cost of operating with each fuel type.

Whichever option you choose, a Forno kitchen range is sure to be a statement piece and a reliable workhorse. Happy cooking!

If you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen range, call us at 1 (866) 212-9706 or book a consultation with one of our kitchen range experts!

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