ZLINE Gas Range Review: Everything to Know About the New SGR

ZLINE Gas Range Review: Everything to Know About the New SGR

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The rumors are true! ZLINE Kitchen and Bath announced a new all-gas professional range called the ZLINE SGR. The SGR will be available here at Rustic Kitchen and Bath starting November 1st in a 4-burner 30” size and a 6-burner 36” size

Similar to ZLINE’s induction and dual fuel ranges, the SGR all-gas range combines style and functionality to make a statement in your kitchen. These gas ranges pair beautifully with a variety of design choices while offering a timeless style and fine-tuned gas cooking.

ZLINE gas range in a kitchen.

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In this post, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about these new all-gas ranges from ZLINE including performance, features, style, and durability.

ZLINE Gas Range (SGR) Performance

Due to their precise and instant heat control, all-gas ranges offer a unique cooking experience that is preferred by many home cooks. Naturally, we’ve received many questions from eager customers looking to upgrade their kitchen to an all-gas experience. 

We’ve been waiting in anticipation to share our experience with the ZLINE SGR and focus attention on some of the gas range’s performance highlights.


Italian-Made Burners

These burners are crafted with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, reflecting the renowned Italian commitment to quality. They look professional and perform exceptionally well.

  • 4 burners on the 30” SGR30 model and 6 burners on the 36” SGR36 model.

ZLINE gas range cooktop with 6 Italian-made burners.

Large Oven Capacity

ZLINE optimized its oven capacity for families and those who frequently host gatherings or dinner parties. Baking enthusiasts will appreciate the convenience of being able to bake multiple trays of cookies, cakes, or pastries simultaneously, ensuring even and consistent results.

  • The spacious oven is perfect for roasting larger cuts of meat or poultry and broiling multiple dishes, making it versatile for various cooking techniques.  
  • 4.2 cu. ft. oven capacity on the 30" model and 5.2 cu. ft. oven capacity on the 36" model.
  • Standard bake, broil, and convection bake modes with a maximum BTU output of 22,000.

ZLINE gas range with oven door open.

Automatic Reignition

We all know safety is paramount when it comes to gas, and the automatic reignition feature plays a significant role in maintaining a safe cooking environment. If the flame goes out, whether from a gust of wind or a pot boiling over, the system detects the extinguished flame and reignites it.

  • Italian-made gas burners that easily ignite and automatically reignite for improved temperature control and safety.

ZLINE gas range knobs with ignition icon.

20,000 BTU Dual Function Brass Burner (36" Model Only)

For professional chefs and home cooks who demand both finesse and power in their cooking, the single brass Dual Function Burner on the SGR36 is a game-changer. It provides flexibility to handle diverse dishes and will be the go-to choice for everything from gently melting chocolate to achieving a perfect sear on a steak.

  • Expand your cooking capabilities with a single Dual Function Burner that allows you to simmer at 1,000 BTUs or perfectly sear at 20,000 BTUs.

Dual function brass burner on 36-inch ZLINE SGR.

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ZLINE Gas Range (SGR) Features

The ZLINE SGR comes loaded with features that make cooking more enjoyable and enhance its already impressive cooking experience. The features that we look for in kitchen ranges are ones that simplify meal preparation and open up additional culinary techniques and cooking styles. The features that ZLINE included on the new SGRs mean they are capable of meeting evolving cooking needs, making it a valuable and future-proof addition to your home.

Stay-Put Oven Door Hinges

ZLINE’s unique Stayput Oven Door Hinges are a staple on all their ovens. The design of the hinges ensures that the oven door remains stable and secure, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries, particularly when handling large, heavy dishes. This feature is especially important for households with children or pets.

  • When the oven door can remain in a stable, open position, it becomes easier to access the oven's interior and maneuver dishes in and out.

Stay-Put oven door hinge on ZLINE SGR gas range.

Black Porcelain One-Piece Cooktop

The black porcelain one-piece cooktop is exceptionally smooth, making it simple to wipe away spills and stains.

  • Porcelain is highly resistant to staining, which means that even stubborn, burnt-on residues can often be easily removed with minimal scrubbing or the use of specialized cleaning agents.
  • Porcelain is a robust and long-lasting material, capable of withstanding the wear and tear associated with everyday cooking. It's resistant to scratches and impacts, ensuring the cooktop's longevity and reducing the risk of damage.

30 inch black porcelain cooktop on ZLINE gas range.

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Dual Halogen Oven Lights

Dual halogen lights are a significant aid for precision cooking and baking even if they aren’t the most exciting feature. The bright and even illumination ensures you can clearly monitor the progress of your dishes without having to open the oven door, preserving the ideal cooking temperature and moisture levels for consistent results. This is especially important for baking, where even a slight temperature drop can affect the outcome. 

  • Illuminate your oven space with dual halogen lighting, located in the upper and lower sections of the oven and controlled by a switch conveniently located on the front control panel.

Halogen oven light inside ZLINE SGR gas range.

ZLINE Gas Range (SGR) Style

The SGR features a subtle design change, with more defined lines when compared to ZLINE’s dual fuel and induction ranges. We love this design change. The easiest way to describe the SGR would be understated elegance. Make no mistake, it is a beautiful range, but it won’t distract from or contrast with the rest of your kitchen design no matter the aesthetic you prefer.

Timeless Style

Its inherent versatility is perhaps its most notable advantage, seamlessly fitting into any kitchen décor, from contemporary to traditional, without missing a beat. The design's enduring appeal ensures that the range remains a centerpiece of your kitchen for years to come, making it a long-term investment that doesn't succumb to changing design trends.

  • The simplicity of the design also translates to ease of maintenance, as fewer intricate details mean fewer nooks and crannies where dirt or grease can accumulate.

ZLINE gas range in a timeless kitchen.

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ZLINE Gas Range (SGR) Durability

Durability in the kitchen is essential and it’s something we take very seriously here when recommending products to our readers. There are a few notable design choices that ZLINE made that suggest they built the new SGRs with durability at the forefront.

430-Grade Stainless Steel

430-grade stainless steel is known for its resistance to rust, staining, and general wear and tear over time. This resilience is vital in a kitchen environment where moisture and spills are common.

  • ZLINE opting for 430-grade stainless steel will help maintain the range's sleek appearance even with frequent use.

ZLINE gas range with 430-grade stainless steel finish.

Durable Cast-Iron Grates

These grates are robust and capable of withstanding the high heat generated during cooking. They are also highly resistant to chipping, cracking, or warping, ensuring they maintain their integrity over the long term.

  • Confidently use heavy cookware and larger pots and pans without concern, which is especially important for home cooks who love to experiment with different cooking techniques.

Cast iron grates above burners and cooktop on ZLINE SGR gas range.


Peace of mind is essential, and it's nice that ZLINE expanded the generous warranty found on their other ranges to the new SGRs.

  • Industry First Lifetime Burner Warranty - Limited lifetime warranty on ZLINE Italian burners includes part replacements for burners and burner caps, and parts and labor for spark tips if parts prove to be defective in materials or workmanship
  • Manufacturer Warranty - 1-year parts and service warranty

ZLINE SGR Gas Range Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

"Are ZLINE SGR gas ranges good?"

Yes, ZLINE gas ranges are good. ZLINE is an industry leader in kitchen appliances with an extensive history of manufacturing ranges with exceptional performance, durability, and style, at an affordable price.

"Where are ZLINE SGR gas ranges made?"

ZLINE SGR gas ranges are assembled in ZLINE-owned facilities in China, with parts sourced from the US, Italy, and Germany. All ZLINE appliances are designed in the USA by Founder Andrew Zuro and his team, and shipped from facilities in Nevada, Ohio, and Tennessee.

"What sizes are available for the ZLINE SGR gas range?"

At the time of writing, the ZLINE SGR gas range is available in 30 and 36 inches. The release date for additional sizes for the SGR has not been officially announced. However, we anticipate that ZLINE will release a 48 and 60-inch SGR in 2024.

If you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen with a ZLINE professional gas range, call us at 1 (866) 212-9706 or book a consultation with one of our ZLINE product experts!

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