Rustic Home Decor Trends with Kalalou

Rustic Home Decor Trends with Kalalou

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The rustic aesthetic is a popular design style that embraces natural elements, rugged textures, and a sense of warmth and coziness. Whether you are ready to embrace rustic decor trends throughout your home or just looking for a singular accent piece to complete a room, we here at Rustic Kitchen and Bath recommend Kalalou. By layering different patterns and experimenting with texture, Kalalou products represent the best in rustic decor trends with natural elements, warm colors, vintage appeal, cozy textiles, and farmhouse-inspired details.

Is Kalalou a Good Brand?

Yes, Kalalou is a good brand and a leading designer and supplier of the most fun, fascinating, and unique products on the market.

Each product has been carefully created by communities around the world including Haiti, Jamaica, and the Philippines. Kalalou designs some of the most eclectic and functional products that you can find online.

Kalalou is committed to working with sustainable and recycled materials that will change the way you live in your home. Not only are their products a great addition to any room, but the company is also dedicated to giving back and making a difference in our world.

Kalalou has five charities that they have established over the years. These include Sister Clara’s Clinic, The Tutu Project, Tom Sawyer House, and charities supported locally in Mississippi under Doug and Susan’s Kids Foundation. Any amount given to these groups goes 100% to the organization. Kalalou is always looking for new ways to make a change in the lives of others.

Rustic Kitchen and Bath supports businesses that give back and are excited to showcase what they do best.


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Top 5 Rustic Home Decor Trends

Using Natural Materials to Define a Space

Embracing natural materials is a key trend in rustic decor. Using materials such as reclaimed wood, stone, jute, rattan, and leather adds authenticity and warmth to the space. Incorporating these elements into furniture, flooring, and decorative items enhances the rustic ambiance.

Jute is a stylish and eco-friendly renewable material perfect for any home that wants to add a touch of texture and natural tones. This floor piece can seamlessly integrate with any aesthetic and bring a cozy and warm mood wherever it lies. This Kalalou Cotton, Jute and Grey Leather Rug is the perfect rug to create the space you have always wanted. 

5 Rustic Rugs with Different Patterns and Colors

Adding a rug can significantly enhance the rustic home aesthetic by introducing warmth, texture, and visual interest to the space. They can be a game-changer on how a room looks and feels. Rugs are great to add a pop of color or synchronize your decor around the home.

Parts of the home can tend to be unwelcoming and dead, so what better way to lighten it up than with a rug? A runner rug in a hallway will help you create movement within your home and lead you to the next room. Rugs are also a perfect solution to absorb sound especially if you have tile or hardwood floors. Adding a well-chosen rug to a rustic home or apartment can bring warmth, texture, color, and balance, ultimately enhancing the overall space while creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. 

Embracing Contrasting Materials

Blending metal and wood creates a visually compelling look that blends natural and industrial elements and has become increasingly popular in rustic homes. The textural depth of wood and metal makes the overall design more dynamic and visually appealing. This fusion also merges contemporary and traditional influences, resulting in a distinctive rustic vibe.

This Kalalou Set Of Two Recycled Round Wooden Coffee Tables With Iron Bases contrasts recycled wood with rugged iron to create a visually captivating and balanced ambiance. The coffee tables can be the center of attention or right next to your sofa. Anywhere you put these coffee tables will look great.

The Kalalou Rectangle Iron Coffee Table With Wooden Top adds even more iron to create a table that could be found in a metal workshop but will look great in a rustic living room with the right positioning. 

Rustic Iron and Wood Coffee Table

When you think of your coffee table as more than somewhere to place drinks and books, you can create a stylish addition to your living space. By paying attention to materials, design elements, styling with decor, and personalization, you can use the coffee table as a focal point that enhances the rustic style of your space.

Finding the best coffee table for your living room is important to bring your entire aesthetic into one and create functionality in the space. Once you've picked out your coffee table, consider adding some accessories. This will not only balance your living room but will add some personal touches.

Warming Up with an Earthy Color Palette

Using a color palette inspired by nature is an easy way to evoke a sense of calm and rekindle a connection with the natural world. Earthy colors that are popular with the rustic aesthetic include warm neutrals like brown, beige, tan, and gray, as well as deeper shades like forest green, deep red, and burnt orange. Mixing these colors into your design creates a space that feels inviting and filled with character.

The Kalalou Circular Bamboo Chair is functional and entirely natural in its appearance. While bamboo is typically associated with tropical or Asian-inspired aesthetics, this chair’s texture and earthy tones align with the rustic aesthetic's emphasis on organic material and authenticity. Plus, the weathered, distressed color of the bamboo adds a natural accent that will work in conjunction with other rustic elements in your space.

Earthy colors can create harmony even when they are asynchronous. The Kalalou Ivory and Black Textured Clay Footed Bowl uses contrasting textures and colors on the inside and outside for a truly visually appealing piece. The tactile beauty of the clay exterior paired with the fierce black interior can serve as a focal point and conversation starter, further enhancing the rustic ambiance.

Rustic Textured Bowl with Fruits Inside

Integrating Vintage and Antique Charm

Integrating vintage or antique pieces into rustic decor brings a sense of history and nostalgia to the space. As the rustic aesthetic has become more popular, those vintage and antique items have become harder to find and often fetch a premium price tag due to their rarity. Kalalou thoughtfully designs pieces with the same weathered and distressed finishes that add the same character and charm as vintage pieces.

One of the best parts of the rustic aesthetic is its versatility and openness to interpretation. This Kalalou Round Marble Top Table With Antique Brass Legs exhibits signs of wear and imperfection as well as an elegant, polished appearance. This blend of styles creates a unique and eclectic look that is highly sought-after but hard to find.

Kalalou’s ability to replicate the imperfections that define rustic decor trends is evident in their Antique Brass Floor Mirror. The unique shape of this mirror adds shape to the space and the weathered appearance of the brass evokes a sense of history and nostalgia, adding character to the mirror and to your home.

Marble and brass table in a rustic room

Not Forgetting the Farmhouse-Inspired Details

The farmhouse style has a close association with the rustic style for their shared emphasis on simplicity, functionality, and connection to the rural and agricultural elements that they draw inspiration from. Farmhouse-inspired details can function as the finishing touch to a rustic home or kitchen. Accents should be carefully chosen to make the room functional but also align with your wants and needs.

Incorporating farmhouse details into your rustic decor is easy with products like the Kalalou Acacia Wood Deer Antler Cutting Board or the Kalalou White Marble Long Cutting Board With Rope Handle. These two cutting boards do not define a space, but simply add a touch of country to the atmosphere when you’re hosting.

Alternatively, farmhouse-inspired accent pieces like Kalalou Cast Iron Taper Candle Holders could be found in a farmhouse set on a wide-open plain against a fiercely blue sky. Cast iron is rugged and industrial and these candle holders can add a permanent or seasonal touch of authenticity to your rustic home.

Cutting board with wooden deer antler carving

In Conclusion

We hope our list of rustic home decor trends will help inspire you. Remember, the most important decorating trend is to be more emotional and expressive than ever before. Don’t be afraid to make bolder color choices, mix up styles, and embrace patterns and textures that others may shy away from.

As sustainability continues to be at the forefront, we are making informed choices when updating our homes. Our homes are not only the place in which we spend most of our time, but they speak about what we love and who we are. It is wonderful to see how each home is truly becoming our home.

These are just a slice of the products Kalaou has to offer to completely change your space for the better. We are constantly adding more products to cater to any interior design.

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Rustic Kitchen and Bath will continue to provide items to refresh your home while adding value. Want to see more design inspiration? Check out our social media channels and if you have any questions contact us below.

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