How to Install an Over The Range Microwave

How to Install an Over The Range Microwave

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So the time has finally come to replace your existing over the range microwave. Maybe your old microwave just isn’t working like it used to, or you’re just ready to upgrade to something newer with better technology, more features, and a more powerful fan. No matter the reasoning, replacing your over the range microwave can be a simple DIY home project that can be completed in under an hour when done correctly. Follow our guide on how to install your new over the range microwave.

Removing Your Existing Microwave

How To Install An Over The Range Microwave

Before we can install that beautiful modern microwave, we need to get rid of that old underperforming one. First, you’ll start by unplugging the microwave. You can locate this in the cabinetry directly on top of the microwave. Once it’s unplugged, locate the screws attaching your microwave to the cabinet.

With the screws located, have a friend assist you by firmly holding onto the microwave while you unscrew the top mounting screws. With the top mounting screws removed, you should be able to remove the microwave from the back mount plate. Usually, this involves bringing the microwave towards you at an angle and lifting the back of the microwave out of the mount.

With the microwave completely removed, you can now take out the wall mounting bracket. Side note: if you’re installing the same brand as your previous microwave, there’s a chance your new microwave will use the same bracket. Be sure to check your new hardware, as this will save you a few steps.

Our Top Choice

Most microwaves will have very similar installation processes. For today’s example, we’ll be focusing on installing a ZLINE Over The Range Microwave .

ZLINE’s Over The Range Microwave is one of our best-selling microwaves here at Rustic Kitchen and Bath, and it’s a no-brainer as to why! It has a sleek modern design that comes in both stainless steel and black stainless steel, as well as a modern or traditional handle to perfectly match your kitchen style.

This microwave performs just as well as it looks. With DiamondTech technology (a diamond interior that scatters microwaves for no cold spots) and its 900 watts of power, you never have to worry about a half-cooked meal again!

Some of this microwaves unique features include:

• Convection & Standard Microwave Modes that can be used separately or simultaneously

• Stainless Steel interior and exterior for effortless cleaning and maximal heat

• Illuminated and audible LCD screen for optimal access

• Glass turntable to distribute heat evenly

• One-Touch cook for quick and easy snacks

• Control lock for added safety and peace of mind

Installing Your New Microwave

Back to the installation, start by removing your microwave from its packaging and locating the wall mount. Most microwaves, including ZLINE’s, come with both a back wall template and top mount template for your convenience.

Locate the studs on your back wall and mark them. Place your template on the back wall and match the corresponding holes on your template to the studs. Before you drill, make sure your template is level!

Drill any needed holes, remove the template, and install your back wall mount. Next, place your top mount template and drill your necessary holes.

Before you install your microwave, be sure to set it to your desired duction setting. Your instruction manual should have detailed instructions for each setting and how to set it up.

Now with your microwave set to its correct duct, install the microwave into the back wall mount. After it’s safely in the mount, have someone assist you in holding the microwave while you install the top screws. Last but not least, make sure you plug it in!

With everything installed, take a moment to test both the fan and the cooking element to make sure your microwave is working properly.

If you followed the above steps, your new over the range microwave should now be fully functional and ready for use! If you have any questions or need assistance in finding the right microwave for you, feel free to reach out to us. Our team is knowledgeable and ready to help!

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