Empava Appliances - Reliable, Stylish, Affordable

Empava Appliances - Reliable, Stylish, Affordable

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For most people, home and bath appliances are some of the biggest and most important purchases they will ever make. It’s important to be confident in what you’re buying whether it be a kitchen range, an outdoor pizza oven, or even a freestanding bathtub. But with an overwhelming amount of options flooding the market, how can you find a brand that strikes the perfect balance between affordability and trustworthiness? That’s where Empava comes in. 

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Is Empava a Good Brand?

Yes, Empava is a good brand offering reliable, stylish, and affordable kitchen and bath appliances. Originally started in 2016, Empava is relatively new to the appliance industry when compared to some of the brands it is competing with. As with any industry, new brands can often revolutionize the appliance industry and set trends by identifying unmet customer needs and setting out to meet them with innovative ideas.

Empava has emerged onto the scene and has quickly become one of the most popular rising brands in kitchen and bath. In their own words, Empava’s approach was—

“It was unconventional. It pushed the boundaries. But we did it anyway.”

Empava’s description of their business model is one that resonates well with us here at Rustic Kitchen and Bath. As a brand, we are committed to helping people realize their dream kitchen or bathroom without immense price tags; which is why we began to offer Empava products in early 2023. Together, we’ll continue to think outside the box, challenge existing norms, and disrupt the kitchen and bath industry to the benefit of our customers. Also, we really like jetted bathtubs.

Empava Wall Oven and Wine Cooler in kitchen

Why are Empava Products so Affordable?

If your first reaction to Empava’s pricing was that it was too good to be true, we’re happy to share that it is true, and it is good. Without diving too deep into macroeconomics, Empava’s pricing strategy essentially boils down to cutting out unnecessary steps in the design, manufacturing, showing, and shipping process. These unnecessary steps have weighed down some of the more-established brands and driven up their prices, particularly during times of supply chain disruption.

Empava is not shy about the fact that they’re a young company trying new things. In fact, they draw attention to it and highlight it as their competitive advantage over their competitors. Empava identified young homeowners as a demographic that was traditionally ignored by other home and bath appliance brands and designed their business around catering to them. Taking control of the manufacturing and shipping while focusing on online sales has enabled Empava to deliver affordable kitchen appliances without compromising on the performance, reliability, and durability that customers expect.

Empava range hood and cooktop in a kitchen

Where are Empava Appliances Made?

Empava engineers the majority of its appliance parts in the United States, and sources select components from manufacturers in Europe. The appliances are then assembled in a quality-controlled and Empava-owned Chinese factory, ensuring that the assembly process adheres to their strict standards.

The Best Empava Appliances (in our humble opinion)

Empava 24 in. Electric Single Wall Oven in Stainless Steel (24WOB14)

Empava 21 in. Electric Wall Oven in Stainless Steel

Wall ovens are timeless, which is a big reason we’re a fan of Empava’s 24-inch Electric Single Wall Oven. Beautifully designed in its simplicity and thoughtfully engineered to include modern features, this petite wall oven brings professional chef-like versatility to your home. 24 inches is a rare size for a wall oven and is recommended for smaller kitchens or even in the Airstream, but this little workhorse makes the most of the available space by having 5 different shelf options within the 2.3 cubic foot capacity. You’ll enjoy perfectly cooked meals, browned desserts, and roasted veggies for years to come no matter how the rest of your kitchen design evolves.

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Empava 36 in. Ducted Island Mount Range Hood in Stainless Steel (36RH10)

Empava Ducted Island Mount Range Hood

Occasionally, we here at Rustic Kitchen and Bath accept modernity when it offers clear benefits that are hard to find elsewhere. Empava managed to fit a 400 CFM fan into their sleekly designed Ducted Island Mount Range Hood. What’s even more impressive is the Ultra-Quiet Motor which offers plenty of ventilation at a noise level below 65 decibels. For perspective, normal conversations usually range between 60 and 70 decibels. Plus, the high-quality stainless steel and clear tempered glass used on this range hood make it an attractive focal point in any modern kitchen.

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Empava Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven in Stainless Steel (PG01)

Empava PG01 Pizza Oven

We love the look of this outdoor wood-fired pizza oven and it offers all the functions of other wood-fired pizza ovens at a much more accessible price. You would be forgiven for asking why a wood-fired pizza oven is necessary if you’ve never tasted the distinct flavor they offer. The intense heat generated by a wood-fired oven creates a unique smoky flavor and aroma that enhances the taste of the pizza with a crispy and slightly charred crust that is highly sought after by pizza enthusiasts. The sight of a blazing fire and the aroma of pizza coming from this Empava Wood Fired Pizza Oven will create a charming and rustic appeal that your pizza party guests will love.

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Empava 59 in. Corner Jetted Bathtub with Thermostat and LED Lighting (59JT319LED)

Empava Jetted Bathtub with LED lighting in a rustic bathroom

Jetted bathtubs are a luxurious and stylish addition to any bathroom. Empava made it possible for anyone to have a jetted tub with their Corner Jetted Bathtub which effortlessly complements any decor thanks to the corner design. It doesn’t just look luxurious either; it’s equipped with 10 water jets to deliver a deep and rejuvenating hydro massage powered by a high-pressure pump. With room for two, your bathroom will be transformed into a luxurious spa retreat where you can indulge in blissful relaxation at home.

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Empava 70 in. 160 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator (WC08D)

Empava wine refrigerator with 160 bottles of wine inside

Serious wine collectors and party hosts rejoice! This dual zone wine refrigerator has an ultra-large capacity with room for 160 bottles and adjustable temperature control. Three convection fans help ensure that cold air is evenly distributed throughout the entire refrigerator space for ideal climate settings for all 160 bottles. With options for both freestanding and built-in installation, and a reversible hinged door, the Empava Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator is versatile and stylish. Plus, if you happen to only have 155 bottles of wine laying around, we suppose you could use the spare capacity to store beer, soda, or even snacks.

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Empava 36 in. 5 Burner Induction Cooktop (IDCF9)

Speckled Empava induction cooktop

The unusual speckled, retro-inspired look of this induction cooktop immediately caught our attention. It’s also packed with features including two large Flexi bridge burners that offer more than enough power to easily heat large cookware or griddles with precise control, which can often be a problem with other induction cooktops. The sleek, flush countertop design and sturdy vitro-ceramic glass surface ensure durability and a seamless appearance whether you’re going for a contemporary or classic look.

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Why We Love Empava

In summary, Empava Appliances is a dynamic brand that has been making small ripples and big splashes across the appliance industry since its establishment. Emphasizing affordability without compromising quality is what sets Empava apart from its competitors, allowing customers to enjoy superior benefits and peace of mind. Their strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction aligns with our mission here at Rustic Kitchen and Bath and we recommend them to anyone looking for high-quality products that exceed expectations.

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If you would like help finding the perfect appliance for your home, call us at 1 (866) 212-9706 or book a consultation with one of our appliance experts!

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