ZLINE Wall Ovens Review - Functional with Classic Charm

ZLINE Wall Ovens Review - Functional with Classic Charm

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The centerpiece of a rustic kitchen is where the cookies and bread are baked. If cozy aromas and lasting memories are on your rustic kitchen renovation to-do list, a wall oven may be exactly what you need. Unlike the ovens in the freestanding ranges, wall ovens offer a space-saving built-in design that allows for seamless integration with cabinetry and versatile placement options. As an industry leader in kitchen appliances, ZLINE’s wall ovens have grown in popularity over the past few years and we are regularly asked about their performance. In this blog post, we reviewed both the ZLINE Single Wall Oven (AWS-30) and the ZLINE Double Wall Oven (AWD-30) to help you make an informed decision.

Are ZLINE Wall Ovens Good?

Yes, ZLINE wall ovens are good and are some of the best we’ve tested and reviewed. We paid close attention to what we consider are the key features to look for when considering a wall oven and ZLINE was able to check all of the boxes. Both their single and double wall ovens offer an extensive selection of cooking modes, self-clean, and true-convection cooking. Overall, the ZLINE wall ovens are a great option if you are looking for a high-quality wall oven with a number of features at an affordable price. Now, let's get into the details.

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ZLINE Single Wall Oven (AWS-30) Review

Wall ovens typically offer an extensive number of cooking modes and functions that simply are not available on traditional kitchen ranges. The first feature we consider essential on wall ovens is multiple cooking modes. The ZLINE Single Wall Oven (AWS-30) comes with Standard Bake, Standard Broil, Convection Bake, Convection Roast, and Convection Broil.

We also found that some of the specialty modes were more useful than we expected. The Delay Bake mode allowed us to program the oven to start cooking food at a later time. After preparing it ahead of time, we came home to freshly baked pizza bread after a showing of the new Super Mario Bros. movie (mamma mia!).

ZLINE Single Wall oven below an induction cooktop.

Later on, we tested the Proof mode to see how it did with a French baguette recipe. The dough rose rather quickly and the final product came out characteristically light and airy. Whether that was due to the Proof mode or the baking capabilities of the Standard Bake function, we’re not quite sure, but it is nonetheless nice to have an oven perfect for baking as much bread as we want.

The AWS-30 is available in ZLINE’s proprietary DuraSnow finish which helps reduce smudging and fingerprints. DuraSnow is great at helping maintain the appearance of a clean kitchen, especially if you have kids running around that like to touch anything and everything they can. We paired the DuraSnow finish with gold accent handles from ZLINE’s Autograph Edition (AWSSZ-30) to add some warmth and elegance, which contrasted nicely against the deep grey snow-like pattern. Click here if you would like to learn more about DuraSnow.

Speaking of kids, the safety lock is a welcome feature that helps make sure the oven isn’t accidentally turned on or opened. The lock is also what allows ZLINE wall ovens to self-clean, which heats the oven to 500°F and burns off stubborn stains, grease, and residue in even the hardest-to-reach places within the oven.

The ZLINE Single Wall Oven is a great choice for any home baker looking for a reliable and stylish kitchen appliance. One of our favorite aesthetic kitchen design choices is putting a wall oven below a cooktop, essentially turning a kitchen counter or island into a traditional range but with added performance and unlimited personalization. Pair the AWS-30 with ZLINE’s 30-inch Drop-in Cooktop (RC30) for an exceptionally beautiful and functional kitchen.


ZLINE Double Wall Oven (AWD-30) Review

If the 5 cubic feet of oven capacity offered on the single wall oven isn’t enough for your cooking needs, then ZLINE’s Double Wall Oven (AWD-30) may be just what you need. The AWD-30 doubles the total oven capacity by simply stacking two ovens on top of each other for 10 total cubic feet of capacity. 

The ability to bake multiple dishes at different temperatures simultaneously is certainly enough reason to consider a double wall oven. If you have ever forgotten to put the green bean casserole in the oven while the turkey still needs a half hour a double wall oven is for you. Of course, that is assuming you have enough space.

Both ovens on ZLINE’s Double Wall Oven come equipped with a third heating element behind the convection fan, which is known as true convection, European convection, or third-element convection. True convection’s key advantage over standard convection is its ability to deliver consistent heat throughout the oven, ensuring that food cooks evenly regardless of its placement within the oven cavity. This feature comes in handy when baking delicate items like cakes, pastries, and soufflés. 

ZLINE Double Wall Oven installed into a modern kitchen

So, you may be wondering which ZLINE wall oven you should choose? Compared to the AWS-30, the AWD-30 offers greater flexibility in terms of cooking different dishes at the same time. Being able to bake in one oven while roasting or broiling in the other, is a huge advantage for home chefs who like to cook big meals and host gatherings. The double wall oven aesthetic is a bit more modern and contemporary compared to the classic styling of a single wall oven. Ultimately, the choice between and single and double wall oven should come down to your cooking style, how often you entertain, and your kitchen layout.


In summary, ZLINE Wall Ovens are some of the best wall ovens available today. They offer impressive performance and functionality and can be seamlessly integrated into kitchens of any style thanks to their built-in design and placement versatility.

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