What is a Kitchen Range?

What is a Kitchen Range?

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A kitchen range is a common household cooking appliance that combines a stovetop for boiling, sautéing, or simmering, and an oven for baking, broiling, or roasting food.

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The cornerstone appliance of the modern kitchen.

Take a second to picture your dream kitchen— what appliances come to mind? A refrigerator? A dishwasher? Maybe a microwave? What about the kitchen range? What even is a kitchen range? Well, a kitchen range is a two-in-one appliance that combines an oven and stove into a single unit; which is why the terms range, oven, and stove are often used interchangeably.

In this post, we’re digging deeper into what a kitchen range is and the different configurations, features, and options available for modern kitchen ranges to help you discover your dream kitchen range.

A kitchen range with a pot on the stovetop and a turkey in the oven

Kitchen range components.

As we mentioned earlier, kitchen ranges are really two appliances in one. By combining a stovetop and an oven into one unit the kitchen range saves you space and time.

  • The stovetop - The stovetop of the kitchen range is the top portion that is used for cooking with pots and pans. All kitchen ranges feature stovetops with multiple burners or heating elements individually controlled by a knob or button for adjusting heat levels.

    Gas stovetops cook by igniting gas below a cooking surface while electric stovetops use heating elements such as metal coils or ceramic glass. Induction stovetops use an electromagnetic field to directly heat cookware, leaving the stovetop itself cool to the touch. Read more about induction cooktops here.

    Some kitchen ranges also feature specialty burners for specific cooking needs like a griddle burner for pancakes and burgers or a wok burner for stir-fry and seafood.

    Standalone stovetops are called cooktops or range tops and are either dropped or slid into a kitchen counter. 

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  • The oven - The oven of the kitchen range is located below the stovetop and can be used for baking, roasting, and broiling. Ovens generally have two heat sources above and below multiple racks that are enclosed in an open space and sealed by a door.

    Unlike stovetops which cook by heating food directly, ovens cook by circulating very hot and dry air around the food which allows for consistent and even cooking on a wide variety of foods.

    Standalone ovens are called wall ovens and can be built into kitchen cabinets.

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Kitchen range options and configurations.

Now that you know the components of the kitchen range and the differences between an oven and a stovetop, let's take a look at some of the options and configurations available for kitchen ranges.

Kitchen Range Sizes

Kitchen ranges come in standardized sizes across most of the world. In North America, you’ll be able to find kitchen ranges as small as 20 inches wide to as large as 60 inches wide. Choosing the right size primarily depends on the space you have in your kitchen and the type of cooking you will be doing with your kitchen range.

For smaller spaces and lighter cooking duty, a 24”, 30”, or 36” kitchen range will provide a single oven and up to 6 burners. For larger kitchens or higher cooking duty, a 40”, 48”, or 60” range will usually feature two ovens and up to 10 burners.

A kitchen range in black stainless steel in a modern apartment

Kitchen Range Fuel Types

Kitchen ranges come in 3 categories of fuel types — gas, electric, and dual-fuel. Choosing the right fuel type comes down to personal preference, cooking style, and electrical requirements.

  • Gas ranges - feature a gas-powered stove and oven and can be run on either liquid propane or natural gas in most instances. Gas ranges are popular in areas where natural gas is cheaper than electricity or in areas with unreliable electrical service. They are sometimes preferred for their ability to immediately adjust heat levels and their high-heat capabilities. Gas ranges require additional ventilation capabilities to safely remove gas byproducts. Shop gas ranges.

  • Electric ranges/Induction ranges - feature an electrical-powered stove and oven and are popular in areas where electricity is cheaper than natural gas or liquid propane. They are preferred by some home cooks and chefs for their precise oven temperature control, induction cooking capabilities, and easier-to-clean stovetops. Most electric ranges require a 220/240v electrical installation due to their high power requirements. Shop electric/induction ranges.

  • Dual-fuel ranges - combine the cooking strengths of both all-gas and all-electric ranges by harnessing the precise oven temperature control of an electric oven and the high-heat and immediate heat adjustment of a gas stovetop. Most dual-fuel kitchen ranges require a 220/240v electrical installation and a gas connection. Shop dual-fuel ranges.

A duel fuel kitchen range with a griddle

Freestanding vs. Slide-in Kitchen Ranges

It’s important to consider where a kitchen range will be placed and how it will look in a finished kitchen. Unlike many other kitchen appliances, kitchen ranges do not come panel ready. However, there are plenty of options for making your kitchen range match the rest of your kitchen.

The majority of kitchen ranges are known as freestanding ranges and will be finished on all 4 sides. Freestanding ranges are designed to be placed anywhere in the kitchen including between other appliances or heat-resistant cabinets.

A minority of kitchen ranges known as slide-in ranges are built specifically to slide in between cabinets or countertops and will be unfinished on the sides which allows for a seamless, streamlined look. Slide-in ranges often require additional installation effort to fit properly but can result in a beautifully minimalist and modern look.

LG 6.3 cu gas slide-in range

The perfect kitchen range.

Now that you know what sizes and fuel types are available for ranges, it’s time to go back to your dream kitchen, more precisely, your dream kitchen range! Can you picture it? How many burners does it have? Is it a duel-fuel range or a gas range? Maybe it’s an induction range? Is it used mostly for stir-frying meals for 7 on a dual-wok burner or for baking a small batch of late-night cookies? Is it next to the refrigerator or in an island configuration?

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered before deciding on a kitchen range and we’re not here to tell you what your dream kitchen range should look like, but if you want some additional help in deciding we’ve compiled some of the best kitchen ranges available today and shared them below.

Best dual-fuel range - ZLINE RA30 Freestanding RangeZLINE RA30 Dual-Fuel Range

ZLINE offers dual-fuel ranges in sizes ranging from 30” to 60”, and their RA30 packs a lot of features into a relatively small yet capable 30” package. ZLINE’s StayPut Italian hinges and SmoothGlide ball-bearing oven racks make it easier to use the surprisingly large 4 cu ft. of oven space. You’ll also be able to choose from 3 finishes and 6 door colors to make sure your dual-fuel range matches the rest of your kitchen space. Enjoy even more customization options with ZLINE’s Autograph Edition RA30.

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Best gas range - LG 6.3 cu ft. Slide-In Range

 LG 6.3-Cu. Ft. Smart Wi-Fi Enabled ProBake Convection InstaView Gas Slide-in Range with Air Fry, Stainless Steel

If all-gas ranges were supposed to be reminiscent of a simpler time, nobody told LG when they were designing this kitchen range. The LG 6.3 cu ft. kitchen range tastefully combines the simplicity of an all-gas range with modern technology like Wi-Fi-enabled app control and an InstaView™ glass door that allows you to check on your food without letting precious heat escape. Plus, LG’s ProBake Convection® can turn this kitchen range into an air fryer and air sous vide to add more variety to your favorite dishes.

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Best electric/induction range - ILVE 30 in. Majestic II Series Induction Range

ILVE 30 in. Majestic II Series Freestanding Induction Range

You might not be able to judge a book by its cover, but take one look at ILVE’s line of induction ranges and you’ll immediately know you’re looking at some of the best induction ranges ever made. The ILVE 30 in. Majestic II Series Induction Range is a hand-made Italian masterpiece of style and engineering that doesn’t just look great but performs great as well. With a host of contemporary features like an intuitive 4.3” touchscreen and a sustainability-first approach to energy efficiency, this induction range will demand attention while delivering uncompromising performance.

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Best Luxury Range - ZLINE Autograph Edition 36 in. 4.6 cu. ft. Dual Fuel Range

ZLINE Autograph Edition 36 in. 4.6 cu. ft. Dual Fuel RangeThe downside of any dream kitchen might be waking up to a pricetag nightmare, but that’s not the case with ZLINE’s Autograph Edition 36 in. 4.6 cu. ft. Dual Fuel Range. ZLINE’s moto has always been attainable luxury and their Autograph Edition adds tasteful gold, matte black, or champagne bronze accents and Italian brass burners to their innovative RA line of dual fuel ranges without breaking the bank. With 4.6 cu ft. of oven capacity and 6 burners offering cooking power up to 18,000 BTUs, this dreamy dual fuel range will precisely cook every dish in refined style.

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In conclusion, a kitchen range is an essential appliance in most modern North American kitchens today. Combining a stovetop and an oven, a kitchen range saves valuable space in your kitchen. Whether you’re a professional chef looking to try out new recipes, a parent scrambling to feed a hungry family of five, or a weekend warrior experimenting with your “world-famous” chili recipe, you need a kitchen range that is reliable, versatile, and convenient. And if you’re in the process of turning your dream kitchen into reality, you’ll also want to make sure your kitchen range matches the rest of your kitchen.

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